Garage lighting is a key component to any professional garage makeover. Generally speaking up until a few years ago, typical garages were built with a few light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. This was the extent of lighting for the space because the space was still thought of a raw utility space. With the popularity of garage enhancement and organization in the past several years, where the garage is now being treated more like interior space, lighting has become a significant component. In all of our garage makeover projects we address lighting just as we would garage floor coating and cabinetry. The challenge has always been how to upgrade and increase the lighting by adding fixtures without adding a lot of electrical work and cost.

Our recommendation is to replace your single bulb light fixture with 48″ LED’s. But, how do you do that while still maintaining a sleek appearance in the garage. Since most of the light fixtures out there are not very custom looking. In fact, most look like ugly commercial fixture you would find in an industry application. Here is the solution, pick up this light fixture from Loews.

It looks great with any garage makeover. Then, instead of using standard 48″ flourescent bulbs, get yourself some 48″ LED bulbs. There are two type out there – those that are direct replacements which need not special wiring and those that require you by-pass the ballast. Obviously, I we recommend the direct replacements which you can find on Amazon from several sellers. Here is a link to the seller we like

When you are done you will have bright, energy efficient garage ligating at a reasonable cost.

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